1. About & Disclaimer

    This design software calculates the design resistance of Universal Beams (Advance ® UKB) and Universal Columns (Advance ® UKC) in S275 and S355 subject to bending against the major axis. The design resistance is calculated in accordance with BS EN 1993-1-1 and the UK National Annex. The lateral torsional buckling resistance is calculated using the lateral torsional buckling curves for rolled sections. The user must select the steel grade, member type, section type, buckling length and choose the shape of the bending moment diagram by selecting an appropriate C1 factor.

    Although care has been taken to ensure that the calculated resistances are correct, users should verify the output. The Steel Construction Institute and other parties associated with this software and website assume no responsibilities for errors or misuse of this software, or damage arising from use of this software

  2. Provide Input
    Select Steel Grade, Section Type, Section, Buckling Length and C1 factor.
  3. Calculate and review Output
    Launch calculation and review the results