1. About & Disclaimer

    This design software calculates the vertical shear resistance and tying resistance of fin plate connections on Universal Beams (Advance ® UKB). The design resistances are calculated in accordance with BS EN 1993-1-8 and the UK National Annex, following the procedures in the ‘Green Book’ (P358). Selecting the steel grade and beam size generates a set of parameters for a typical standard fin plate connection. These parameters (number of bolt rows, pitch, offset, edge distances, gauge, plate width and thickness) may subsequently be changed and the resistances re-calculated. No local checks are completed for the supporting member

    Although care has been taken to ensure that the calculated resistances are correct, users should verify the output. The Steel Construction Institute and other parties associated with this software and website assume no responsibilities for errors or misuse of this software, or damage arising from use of this software

  2. Provide Input
    Select Steel Grade, Section (Advance ® UKB only) and Finplate Dimensions and Design Parameters.
  3. Calculate and review Output
    Launch calculation and review the results